Crystal Shapes & Forms

The shape of a crystal affects how its energy flows into the world. Each form holds it's own unique power, and can help you access different aspects of healing & magic.


Crystal Points move & focus energy. Draw energy towards you/ direct energy away by changing the direction of the point. Perfect for focusing on specific intentions, healings & desires.


Clusters radiate their energy outwards in all directions, infusing all surrounding spaces, energies & auras.


Geodes remind us that true magic lives within, far below surface level. True healing requires a deep dive.


Round crystals emit energy in all directions in a balanced, equalised flow. Holding or gazing at a sphere can be calming, balancing and grounding.


Palm Stones are popular for on-body crystal healing, as their shape makes them easy to place on the body. Grounding and soothing to hold.


Affordable & transportable, these are the  hard workers of the crystal world. Easy to pop into a variety of spots, such as your bra, pocket, bag, car, bath or bed to keep crystal magic close at all times.


A ancient sacred shape, Pyramids connect heaven & earth. They gather and channel energy through their point, and are potent manifestation & healing tools.


Raw Crystals hum with organic magic. They are reminders that nature does not make mistakes, and that everything is uniquely beautiful in its natural form, just like YOU!


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