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Autism Bundle

The use of crystals and gemstones in assisting the healing of autistic individuals has shown good results, as there are minerals that can carry vital information:

  • carry the crystals in your pocket always
  • hold your crystal while watching TV or listening to music
  • meditate holding the crystal in your hand
  • place the crystal next to your bed while sleeping


Blue Apatite crystals drive away bad feelings such as anger, frustration, and irritability. Wearing this crystal on a daily basis helps to awaken your consciousness and inner self and also enhances creativity.

Blue Apatite also encourages an extrovert behavior and a feeling of social well-being. The stone with a vibrant blue colour promotes the development of an accommodating attitude and enhances group communication in children with autism.


Blue Lace Agate, is considered by crystal therapists a stone of protection. The stone with a beautiful light blue color is useful in neutralizing anger, calming emotions, and soothing tension.

This gemstone facilitates communication in autistic children and also introduces a sense of positive attitude into the environment where it is placed. Also, Blue Lace Agate can promote acceptance.


Charoite is considered by crystal therapists a stone of transformation and can stimulate the latent potential in every human being. This powerful stone has a soothing, calming energy that reduces stress and anxiety.

The crystal helps people overcome compulsions as well as obsessions. It is found to be beneficial for autistic children as it anchors them in their daily reality and wards off feelings of frustration and alienation. Charoite gemstone helps us accept people as they are.


Angelite, a light blue stone can help people with autism to communicate better with others. This beautiful stone with gentle, soothing energy drives away fear, anxiety, and anger.

Angelite can also assist autistic people in the development of their self-expression.


Sodalite is useful in people who find communication a problem or struggle.

It brings calmness to the mind and enhances self-esteem, self-trust, and self-acceptance in people living with autism. This stone is also used by crystal therapists and energy healers to aid in calming panic attacks. Sodalite can be used during relaxation, meditation or yoga techniques. It's a stone with high vibration, helps to induce deep relaxation and meditative states.

Autism Bundle



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