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Evil Eye Agate Tumbled Stones


Affirmation: I open my inner eyes to the realms of hidden knowledge

Zodiac: Gemini

Chakras: Third Eye 

Also called Third Eye Stones, Shiva's Eye Agate or Eye of Shiva, these unusual stones are found only in India. Third Eye Agates are composed of concentric rings of different colored brown & black agates & wash up on riverbanks. They're carved & polished into the shape of an eye & have been highly revered in many cultures for thousands of years.

Third Eye Agate has long been believed & used as a talisman to provide protection against evil & transforming any part of your life to a more desirable state. Other meanings of Third Eye Agate include the following

  • transforms & eliminates negative energy
  • deflects the evil eye
  • warns of & prevents psychic attack
  • opens & stimulates your Third Eye or Brow Chakra
  • increases your awareness of your inner & external world and interpret & understand it through Spirit
  • enhances your intuition, psychic abilities & extrasensory perception
  • stimulates exploration of the unknown & your journey toward an enlightened state
  • helps you to take a good look at yourself & make changes that would benefit your well-being
  • guides you in finding a new path or approach in life, or in any quest to gain something you’d like but don’t currently possess
  • stimulates your imagination
  • awakens your inherent or hidden talents
  • helps you to concentrate
  • provides wisdom & understanding
  • helps you to find solutions rather than focusing on negative aspects or problems in your life
  • balances Yin-Yang energy
  • relieves stress & eases depression

Evil Eye Agate | Guides & Transform



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