Seer Stones

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Seer stones have been used as an aid to scrying for a long time as it can show you the past, future and present by taking you deep within your inner self. it is also believed that you can program a seer stone in order to go to a specific time so that you can access the knowledge you need from that time. Seer stones will come to a person when they are ready and willing to take an honest look within and ready to accept the truth.
1 -Get into a comfortable position and still your mind, relax and let yourself go into a meditative state while gazing into the window of the crystal. The window will then reflect back into your mind impressions, feelings, colours of what you need to know.

2- Closing your eyes and allow your mind to clear, now mentally focus on a specific issues that you wish to have a great perspective on. Keeping that thought in your mind project the image/thought into the window of the crystal, now clear your mind and place the crystal with the window facing down on your third-eye area. Answers will now be shown to you allowing you to look more deeply within yourself and the situation