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Selenite Bowls (10cm) | Cleanse & Soothe

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Selenite Bowls

AFFIRMATION: I am gentle with my thinking. I am at peace.

Chakra: Crown & Third Eye

Zodiac: Gemini & Cancer

Element: Wind

 If you're looking for an all-in-one option to help cleanse, recharge, and display your crystals, this beautiful heart-shaped selenite bowl is a great choice. Made by hand in India, this bowl can hold your crystals vertically or horizontally, and could make a nice addition to a side table or desk at work or at home. Selenite is used to remove energy blockages and the heart shape encourages love and compassion to flow through the crystal.

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Selenite Bowls (10cm) | Cleanse & Soothe

$25.00 Regular price $40.00


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